Sunshine is sunlight, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun, especially in the visible wavelengths. (Wikipedia)

So today is Monday, and this week’s #magicmoment is brought to you by sunshine. (Sunshine, what’s that? I hear you cry!) Well, it’s a lovely thing that comes from the sky, and brings with it light and warmth. It makes everything look more beautiful to me. And it gives me hope.

Yesterday was my middle child’s 4th birthday. He’d already had his party (Bleurch, read previous post lol!) so the day was going to be a simple family day. Just the five of us, plus my Mum up from Cornwall. The birthday boy wanted a Wagamamas for lunch, and a robot cake. Simple. As the clocks had gone forward that night, getting up at half past seven hadn’t seemed so bad. (I tried not to think about what time it really was as I am NOT a morning person at all) We came downstairs, he opened presents and had a lovely breakfast together. Simple. We played with the toys he’d been given and then my mum arrived. Still simple, still so very lovely. We all went off to Wagamamas. Lunch was eaten and then we returned home. Simple. And it was after we returned home that for me, the magic happened.

For those of you who have read my blog you will know that I have recently been quite poorly with post-natal depression, and thankfully am starting to come out of the other side. In just over a week’s time I should be completely antidepressant free. It’s been a tough few weeks reducing my medication, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and for me, yesterday was another giant step forward. Another moment when I realised, and believed, that I really am getting better. And it was all because the sun came out. Tentatively at first, peeping out behind a few stray clouds. And then slowly it became stronger, and warmer, and out for longer stretches of time. There is always a temptation when the sun is out to quickly rush out of the house, to go somewhere, to enjoy every second of it and make the most of it whilst it’s here. Get our bikes, pack a picnic, hike up a hill. All wonderful things to do, but I forget that I actually have a perfectly lovely place to enjoy the sunshine not more than two metres away from me most of the time. A place that doesn’t require hours of planning, endless packing and organisation and more often than not a lengthy car drive. My garden!

So into the garden we went, and as we sat there, in the sunshine and for the first time in what feels like such a long time feeling warm, I felt a huge sense of optimism and hope. I watched my children laughing and running around and I felt hope for the future, for a summer full of sunny days (We are ALL most definitely due one!) For a summer where I can spend time with my amazing family in my garden, and in the sunshine, and actually enjoy it! Last summer was swallowed up by a giant black cloud for me, both literally and metaphorically, and I was unable to really enjoy any of it. I mostly spent it crying, panicking or trying not to run away and never come back. But this summer, when my youngest will turn one year old, I know that I will truly be back. The magic of the sunshine yesterday made me know that I will be the person I used to be, before the b**** that is PND took me away.


41 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Seasons are nearly always temporary. I have often told that to myself during tough times. Hoping that sun shines particularly brightly for you from now on. You’ve got to this place- keep shining!

  2. awww this is such a fantastic post, i am sat with goosepimples! I know the beast that is PND well and i know that feeling when you a good day, pure #magicmoments lets keep our fingers crossed for lots of sun soon!

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it. Like you, the sun means so much more to me than just light and warmth. It’s about hope, and renewal. Here’s to more sunny days. Take care of yourself xx

  4. This actually makes me feel rather sad (not your fault) because I was made redundant last summer (best thing that happened to me all year) which meant that I got to have a wonderful summer with my kids (I got 4 weeks gardening leave, paid, followed by my leave which they didn’t make me work – 5 weeks). The sun is out today and its actually making me feel worse because I’m stuck in this office! Help!

  5. Great post,I’m so glad that you are starting to feel better and more positive! It’s amazing the affect a bit of sunshine can have on us,I know I am better in myself (body and mind) during the sunny weather.

  6. How absolutely lovely is this. Of all the times to start to feel there is light at the end of the tunnel – which appears as sunshine – it is your boys birthday. Thank you so much for sharing this fab post with PoCoLo and for all your valued support xx

  7. That is so positive and beautiful. I hope the sun continues to shine for you – both in the sky and in beating your PND. Found this post on #oldiesbutgoodies

  8. What a perfect post for #oldiesbutgoodies this week and so positive. It is true that the sun has amazing ability to heal and obviously it does in your case. Well done for just keeping the weekend simple and not trying to push things and rush around – such a temptation with kids and as you say, when the sun comes out. Thanks for linking up. x

  9. I think the sun affects more people than they care to admit. over the last few days I have had more strangers say hello to me on the street, and I am convinced it is because the sun is out. I think everyone has Seasonal Affective Disorder, including me!! lovely post. I can’t imagine what PND is like, but I wish you all the best with getting past it.

  10. It really does make a huge difference doesn’t it? Hugs on the PND front as well, it’s great that you are coming through the other side of it. From personal experience I know what it’s like…

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