My Favourite Moments

Today’s #Prose4T has been inspired by my three beautiful babies. I’m pretty sure I am not having anymore children, and realising this made me reflect on their births, and how magical and precious those first moments are.

My Favourite Moments

The last push,
The first cry,
My favourite moments.

Skin to skin,
Pain forgotten,
My favourite moments.

Eyes open wide,
They meet mine,
My favourite moments.

A new person,
A new life,
My favourite moments.

A new name,
A new identity,
My favourite moments.

Personality showing,
Character building,
My favourite moments.

Family larger,
Family closer,
My favourite moments.

First introductions,
Spreading the news,
My favourite moments.

Clasping fingers,
Feeding now,
My favourite moments.

First night together,
Neither of us sleep,
My favourite moments.

So much hope,
So much to share,
My favourite moments.

Our future together,
A new family created,
My favourite moments.


20 thoughts on “My Favourite Moments

  1. This is truly lovely, I love the way it’s written and all the things you have managed to fit in about having children. I’m still hoping to have at least one more so will remember these words. Thank you for linking up to Prose for Thought and for all your support xx

      • How lovely. Made me cry. I never really thought back like that. I know I’m never having any more kids (god the 2 I’ve got have almost send me over the edge at times!) but it’s lovely to think of these special moments. Step back from the day to day chaos and noisy and remember thought first few moments of just US.

  2. Your poem will bring back lovely memories for everyone that reads it.
    We made the decision not to have any more after number 3 (D) came along, part of me wishes we’d had one babies are scrumptious!

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