The Coin Part 2

This is part two, you can read part one here. Personally I think part two is a bit pants if I’m honest (and that’s not just me fishing for compliments!) but I am going to embrace #SummerOfWords and post it anyway. I don’t want to lose momentum and it can be edited to death later! Please be honest as always!

Thinking about everything that had led her to this moment, and this place, Megan turned and briskly walked, with the wind blowing sand into her face, back to her car. Closing the rusty door and happily shutting out the cold air she turned to look at her mobile phone. It sat lifeless on the passenger seat, switched off and silent. Would they have discovered her absence yet? Would they be wondering where she was; ringing, texting, desperately needing to know why she had disappeared in the middle of the night? Megan looked at the phone long and hard. It was better this way. Better that they didn’t know and couldn’t find her. It would be difficult for them at first, but soon time would start to heal them, and they would be ok. Besides this wasn’t to be forever, but just until it was safe for everyone for her to return. Which wasn’t yet. It wasn’t safe. For anyone.

A tear slowly trickled down her cheek at that unwelcome thought.
‘This is for the best Megan,’ she said to herself out loud, as if the words somehow made it better, made it all ok, which of course it wasn’t. ‘Now pull yourself together and go and find somewhere to stay and get out of this filthy, smelly car.’ For the car was smelly; another victim of the last few months. Full of bits of food and rubbish from weeks gone by, a range of smells emanated from the footwells and various stains on the seats, that no longer resembled what created them in the first place. The car looked and smelt as hideous as Megan felt. Driving off the deserted beach, as the sun was beginning to rise across the horizon, she thought back to how this mess had all begun. All with that bloody coin.
This is a work in progress! You can read Part 3 here.


12 thoughts on “The Coin Part 2

  1. I don’t think this is pants, I really enjoyed it! Agree with the comments above, I think there’s the right level of intrigue and clues about what’s happened/happening. I also wanted to say I admire you for posting it even when you’re not happy with it – we can be our own worst critics sometimes!

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