The Madness Before School

Madness: The quality or condition of being insane. See Synonyms at insanity. Great folly: It was sheer madness to attempt the drive during a blizzard. Fury; rage. Enthusiasm; excitement.

The Madness Before School

Mum where’s this, mum where’s that?
Where’s my coat and where’s my hat?
Where are my shoes and where is my book?
Where’s my school bag I can’t find it? LOOK!

I can’t find my pencils, mum where are my pens?
I’m going to be late now, late for my friends!
Mum I need some food, mum I need a drink,
I can’t find my glasses now where are they? THINK!

My tie has gone missing, my key’s just not here,
I left it there I know I did, mum is it near?
I need my PE kit, mum where is my purse?
Why can’t I find them, have you moved them? SEARCH!

I’m off now mum I’ve found all my things,
When you pick me up can you my dance stuff bring?
I don’t know where my dance stuff could be,
Think it’s in my room, I’m not sure. SEE!

The door slams shut, the children are gone.
Enjoy the peace but not for long,
The husband appears, says where are my keys?
Where’s my laptop bag can you find them, PLEASE?

All of things things are here, use your eyes,
They’re under your feet, they’re on the sides,
Organise yourself the evening before
Then you’ll search and panic no

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18 thoughts on “The Madness Before School

  1. Great! this is my life (though at the nursery stage) and I’m also in charge of finding my OH’s car keys,sunglasses, head… so know the feeling. I love the way the poem flows!

  2. This is brilliant! Love the way you have structured it, with the capital letters at the end. Dan is the worst for all of these things, and he is a grown man! I swear he’s blind as a bat!

  3. Oh god this is me, completely. I don’t even know why I fight it, they’re never going to change. I’m sure it would be better just to give in and accept that I’m the one who has to do all this stuff, then wait for the huge box of chocs to appear on Mother’s day!

    • Er at least two massive boxes of chocolates I think! I just wish I could sort myself to organise it the night before as well and not just when they all scream at me to find their things!! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness I am going to have to pin this up on the front door! And my kids can’t even read yet, so for now it will just be for my husband!! I was totally feeling-along to this poem.

  5. This is EXACTLY how my mornings were when I was governed by leaving at 8am to beat the traffic! We now don’t need to leave until 8.40 and we can walk :). This poems sums up my childhood of going to school too. Fab, Thanks for linking as always lovely xx

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