Store: Store may refer to: a retail store, a place where things are stored, e.g. a ship’s paint store
expendables released from an aircraft, such as ordnance or countermeasures.

So a few weeks ago now I was invited *coughs* okay, I invited myself along to a blogging event at the newly opened Kiddicare store in Bristol. I’m a bit obsessed with buying all things ‘baby’ and the prospect of being shown around a massive store full of things that I didn’t own, by an award winning company, was very exciting! Now, I will admit to never having used Kiddicare online before as I usually visit another well known baby store, but from now on, along with one million other customers, it is the only place I will shop! By the end of 2013 Kiddicare will have eleven stores and over 1,500 staff all over the country so will be very easy for many people to get to and shop for children from birth to five years old.
The choices for everything in the Bristol store were huge. More car seats to choose from than you will ever need, high chairs in every shape, size and colour and so many lovely clothes. (With an equal amount of boys and girls clothes which never happens in shops!)


We started off in the cafe which is perfect if you are shopping with your children as there is a fantastic play space for them to use which is safe and enclosed. Full up with tea and cake we were shown around the store. Kiddicare stores have been designed to make life easier and happier for young families and I can honestly say the store is brilliantly child and parent friendly. Not only are the children allowed to try out toys and if they fancy, drive or push them around the entire shop, but the parents are allowed to try stuff too without having to ask a member of staff to unlock it! Prams are able to go with you to your car to check they fit in the boot! Brilliant!
Everything is organised into specific areas and everything you will need for that subject is right in front of you. High chairs are with food, and bibs for example.

And you never need to worry about everything being cheaper online as the prices are all electronically linked to the store…matching the prices on-line.

Kiddicare was established in 1974 and part of the Morrisons family from February 2011 the Bristol store also has mum-and-me changing rooms, a Nursing Nest feeding room, free pushchair MOTs, free car seat fitting, free WiFi, 365 days returns and virtual queuing systems. They really have thought of everything!

Each Kiddicare store also values community and at the end of the visit we were shown the community event room, which has a wonderful and varied daily schedule of activities for mums, mums to be, babies and toddlers.
They really have thought of everything in the store to make shopping a stress free and happy experience. I for one, shall be visiting regularly!
You can find Kiddicare on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+


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