Touch: Touch is one of the sensations processed by the somatosensory system. Touch may also refer to: Haptic perception, the ability to recognise objects through touch. Haptic communication, the study of human touching behaviour. Haptic technology, technology that interfaces to the user via the sense of touch

I’ve always been funny about personal space,
Don’t come near my body don’t be near my face.

I need room to breathe, room just to be,
I need to be independent, in control, free.

Don’t know how to dance, don’t know where to begin,
Not comfortable with my body, feel strange in my skin.

Asked to move, to copy each other,
Can’t make up new movements, work with one another.

Uncomfortable feelings, very self aware,
A need to escape, be alone, not there.

Trusting each other, hands and feet touch.
Going through the motions, but not liking it much.

Aches and pains, releases of tension,
Talking, understanding, receiving attention.

Easier with time, becoming more free.
Loosening my body, feeling more like me.

Helping, healing, team work and such.
The wonder of movement, the magic of touch.

This poem is a out a new dance therapy group I have been attending to help mums with post-natal depression. I have found it very challenging, but it is helping!

Prose for Thought

12 thoughts on “Touch

  1. I am so similar, I find it very difficult being hugged, and all that air kissing stuff! I do try though. I think it depends who it is to be honest! That sounds like a great group, and a great way to express yourself x

    • With people I love I’m very tactile, but even then only on my terms. And since PND it’s got worse, this dance therapy is good for me…I just find it hard dancing around a room of other people lol! x

  2. I love dance – I used to go to Bollywood dance classes and I gain a lot of confidence from it, apart from having immense fun! It can be daunting at first but I guess any form of movement/exercise can have a positive effect. x

  3. Touch triggers powerful emotions and while many can be wonderful there are darker feelings too. I hope the dance therapy is helping you overcome some of the issues troubling you, and that in learning to trust the other members of your group you are finding yourself again.

  4. I love poems that are about life experiences where the person has sat down and thought, actually thought in great detail, about what exactly is going on and come up with a beautiful and creative way of expressing and sharing their experience with others. The power of touch is extraordinary. But it is hard, as it is an invasion of privacy. But going with it, and just, well, letting go and make a world of difference. I’ve said this on other blogs too but I am so pleased Vic set up #Prose4T as it is wonderful finding out about people’s lives through creative writing! Love, Lorraine

  5. Love touch, love dancing and this is so opposite of me BUT I love what you have written and how you have put this together and I am so glad to hear that the dance therapy class is helping. When I met you, I completely forgot what you had gone through with PND, I’m really sorry. Thank you so much for linking to Prose For Thought lovely xx

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