I am a mum to three beautiful children and am passionate about the importance of trusting our instincts as parents! I have been a single mum, a married mum. I have cried it out (yes both me and my daughter!) and have been an attachment parent. I have parented each of my children very differently, not because I have wanted to follow a new parenting manual or try out a new technique, but because they are all different, and their needs have each demanded different things from me. Trusting your instincts is the most natural way to parent!!


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  1. Entirely agree! I have tried to treat my children all the same (fairness being the aim) but it always backfires – I have finally learnt, after 13 years of parenting, that they are different and should be treated as such! Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  2. Absolutely agree about the importance of trusting our instincts as parents, and yet it can be harder than it sounds sometimes to identify exactly what your instinct is telling you.

    • It can, it takes a lot of practise and trust in ourselves to follow our instincts and not doubt ourselves because of so called ‘experts’ and others. We know our children better than anyone else and sometimes trust our instincts as we’re bringing them up without realising we’re doing so. Thank you for reading x

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